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Monday, 20 June 2011

Penang State Fifa Online 2 One Asia Cup Qualifiers

- So long after got injuries in accident last month. So here the new thing i wanna share with u all. Cheers!

17 June : After take a long journey emm not so long la. Just 1 hour if drive about 130km/j then arrived at Seri Pauh Hotel in Perda Penang not in Balek Pulau. Overnight then make a last preparations for the tourney. Take a good sleep then. So tired meh.

18 June : 9am drive to Balek Pulau searching for WonderWorld CyberCafe. Here the map ( source from google map worr ).
1st day game started. My id names tempehangit win for 1st round (win to DatinMilano) and 2nd round (win to kenzo) which is then i get through to quarter for next day. Yuhhu!

19 June : Second day of the match for quarter final, i must win RockyChan ( a clean slider which is he claim himself ) to go to semi final. Won him lol. 2-0 and 3-1. Without take any break, i need to meet RyanLeo.
The emo one. Not the malay one. Ok u all recognize right which one. Wow his game play so nice. He win me  2-0 then 3-1. Just like when i beat RockyChan. LMAO! So maybe there is no luck for me, i need to play for 3rd and 4th place only. But unluckily lose to rammesh which is he got a IMBA (imbalance team- a team that got higher level and higher stats than other  player) team. We just playing around. Not so serious. He's a funny guy. We play 3 game. 1st game i lose 4-5. 2nd game i win 3-1 then for 3rd game i lose 3-2. Even i'm not winning any prize in this game, but it give me a lot of experience. Make a lot of friends. Nice to see u all guys!

Credit to : ElArtistica clan - awieBUTANG, rawwr, TheNabil, ElviraChaos and me tempehangit. Wish u all the best. Perhaps we can gather together someday!

- Some picture for u all!
                                                              This is awieBUTANG

                         This is RBxVin ( the champion and representative for Malaysia )

                                        Wow! Everyone watching him play.

                                  That is TheNabil. Handsome right? LOL

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